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Bulkmatech Cape Machine Rentals

Bulkmatech Cape is now offering select baling or compactor machines on a 12-month rental contract.

Currnt ,machines avalinble for Rent:

A) 2 x SPC – 15 Mk III Portable Waste Compactor System

Suitable for Wet or Dry/mixed waste.

Payload  – 10 tons mixed waste

Press force – 30 tons  (380 Volt 3-phase )

Machine being delivered to site, with "roll on" truck

  Price per month R 9 000.00 excl.VAt


B)4 x  BV- 7 High-Density Vertical Baling system. 

Suitable for bailing Dry recyclables, eg. Paper, Kraft, P.E.T, Tins, etc

Bale weight  – 100kg (kraft material )

Press force – 10 tons . (380V 3 phase or 220 V single-phase option)

Price per month R 5 000.00 excl.VAt