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New Orwak – Power Range Vertical Balers have arrived!!

ORWAK POWER_close up panel2

PRODUCT LAUNCH! We are proud to present ORWAK POWER, our family of four dynamic balers. Stronger, faster, smarter to give you more value for the money.

ORWAK POWER is fueled by our Black Star Technology, an innovative hydraulic system and a new design concept providing more strength and greater durability, while using less energy. The fast POWER balers also help you use your time more productively. Combining brains with brawn, ORWAK POWER offers intelligent features and state-of-the-art security.





STRONGER – It is wise to turn things upside down
At least this is true for the innovative hydraulic concept introduced in ORWAK POWER balers. This concept, which we call Black Star Technology, is based on a reverse technique offering strong compaction into very dense bales. The solid POWER-balers are designed for a long heavy-dury service life.

FASTER – Ready when you are

The POWER balers feature short compaction time cycles, autostart and a shutter that goes up in less than 2 seconds. ORWAK POWER is ready when you are, helping you make more productive use of your time!

SMARTER – Baler with brains, safety at heart
ORWAK POWER comes with a new PCB that gives you intelligent features such as data storage, communication capabilities and state-of-the-art protection by continuous electronic monitoring of the safety system.