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Medical Waste Machines

ECODAS has developed an innovative, closed, and fully automated system that sterilizes Regulated Medical Waste (RMW), reduces its volume by 80 %, and renders its components unrecognizable.

Their patented process combines shredding and direct pressurized heated steam all in one enclosed system achieving complete sterilization of infectious materials. The final treated waste is harmless, unrecognizable, and safe for disposal, just like ordinary municipal waste.

Their medical waste disposal solution consists first of shredding, which permits steam penetration and ensures that all waste is in direct contact with the sterilizing steam. Then we utilize superheated steam (138°C/280°F) under high pressure (3.8 bars/55 psi) to destroy all forms of microbial life. This is a simple, efficient and cost effective operation to convert contaminated medical materials into harmless municipal waste.

The ECODAS SYSTEMS were designed to handle a large variety of regulated medical waste, including hospital and laboratory waste, liquid and solid medical waste, human and animal blood specimens, sharps and pathological waste, cultures and stocks, as well as any other waste listed in local, state and federal regulations as medical waste.

Given the machines’ versatility, the ECODAS SYSTEMS can provide wide usage for healthcare providers such as private and public hospitals, laboratories, large service providers, and off site treatment centers.

Ecodas Medical Waste Machines

Medical Waste is often used to describe wastes generated during the diagnosis and treatment of human or animals. Its capable of producing infectious diseases. Medical Waste includes cultures and stocks, pathological waste, blood products, sharps, tissue paper, plastic, glass , etc…

Healthcare facilities must monitor and eliminate the generated waste without endangering the public health and the enviroment.

Ecodas has developed an innovative, fully enclosed and automated system to sterilize medical waste, reduce its volume, and render its components unreconizable.

Ecodas pantented process combines shredding, direct heated steam and high pressure to achieve complete sterilization of infectious materials.

The final treated waste is harmless and safe to dispose of as ordinay municipal waste.

Ecodas Medical Waste machines are avalible in severaly sizes:

T – 100

T – 150

T – 300

T – 1000

T – 2000