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Waste compactors

Bulkmatech compactors are of extremely high quality, based on a very successful Swiss design and have a 100% local content. These units are modern, technically advanced and are constructed utilizing only the best materials. The advanced design allows for optimum compaction ratios to be achieved and therefore intensive, reducing in running costs, long life span and maximum reliability, etc.


Compaction is the process of reducing the amount of solid waste materials your facility needs to transport and subsequently landfill.


Traditional methods of refuse handling and refuse transportation is fast becoming cost prohibitive. The costs of operating a truck, fuel prices and the distance to landfills or recycling sites are increasing at alarming rates. These costs must rightfully, be born by the waste or recycling material generator in the form of higher transportation and disposal costs. Therefore the logical controllable method of reducing these costs is by disposing of more refuse per trip. Volume reduction through compaction.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Company who have been designing, manufacturing and supplying Waste Compactors/ balers in South Africa since 1984.

BULKMATECH CAPE have been involved in various projects and are frequent consultants in the preparation of feasibility studies for many prominent household names.Our range of products consists of a number of models ranging from small, user-friendly manual types for small businesses to large automatic versions for industrial plants and shopping centers. For example Self-Press & Static Compactors, Vertical Bag Compactors, Balers for dry waste and metal/can balers, Drum Presses, Ozone Odour Neutralizers, etc. As most Compactor installations require a feasibility study or recommendations based on experience of what apply, (Accessibility, type of waste, local by-laws, etc.) it is our belief that we could be of valuable assistance to you. We are the market leaders in our field.”

NHP Compactors

The NHP series is suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Incorporate large charge boxes within compact, strongly built frames and as a result will receive waste material whilst taking up a minimum of space. Save transport costs of up to 85% A wide range of compaction-containers are available with the NHP series. This series is available in five different models.

Model Loading aperture Compaction force Bin size / variation
NHP-8: 800x570mm up to 8Tons 3m3 -Rear end loader
NHP-10: 1000x870mm up to 18Tons 11m3 – Lift on
NHP-14: 1410x870mm up to 35Tons 15m3 or 20m3 – Roll on
NHP-15/10: 1510x1180mm up to 35Tons 20m3 or 27m3 – Roll on

Optional Extras

  • Through wall feed chutes
  • Through wall installation with wall on loading dock
  • Wheelie bin tipper
  • Cyclone hopper extension
  • Rust protection

Compactor bin variation

  • Rear end loading
  • Roll on roll off Bin
  • Lift On

SPC Compactors

The SPC compactors “absorb” everything: domestic and office refuse, packing materials, crates, tins foam plastics etc.
These machines are preferred ,due to their design, simple operation and are favored amongst most shopping malls in South Africa.
SPC compactors are self contained and sealed, ensuring minimal fire risk or spillage
Save transport costs of up to 85%
These Compactors requires little room and don’t need any supporting means.
This series is available in eight different models:

Model Loading aperture Compaction force Bin size / variation
SPC-9: 1500 x 800 30 tons   9m3 / Lift on
SPC-10: 1500 x 800 30 tons
10m3 / Roll on
SPC-12: 1500 x 800mm 30 tons 12m3 / Roll on
SPC-15: 1500 x 800mm 30 tons 15m3 / Roll on
SPC-16 XL: 1800 x 1270mm 30 tons 16m3 / Roll on
SPC-20: 1800 x 1270mm 30 tons 20m3 / Roll on

SPC 15 MK III compactor being delivered to site, with “roll on” truck CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO

SPC – 9 MK III compactor collected with “Lift On” truck CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO.

Optional Extras

Compactor bin variation

BM 240 Wheelie Bin Compactor

This compactor is used to compact wet/dry waste directly into 240 Ltr wheelie bins.
It can compress the waste of three wheelie bins into one.
Generally used in instances, where 240ltr wheelie bins are used to store and transport waste.
Compaction Ratio up to 3:1
Compacting directly into 240L Otto Bins
Compaction is within the bin specification
Reducing space requirements for waste room up to 65%
Simple operation and mobile
Reducing waste collection charges, Saves money!
Simple plug in version – 220 Volt

CP 120 Compactors

The Bulkmatech CP/BM-120 Series of Vertical Type Compactors are
suitable for office buildings, flats, retirement-villages, clinics,
townhouses,industrial catering, restdurant, hotels, fast-food operators,
supermarkets, and other food establishment.
Reduction in the volume of waste by up to 85%
lt saves space which can be better utilised
Lower waste disposal cost The Benefits for You:

  • Minimal storage space required
  • Quick return on investment
  • Devoid of foul odours
Model Height Width Depth Loading aperture