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Wheelie bin Models

MGB 240

Wheelie bins

Environmentally and economically accepted refuse removal system.

The features of using the bulkmatch 240Ltr wheelie bin MGB 240 system. They have a larger capacity than conventional bins; they’re easily moved, even when full; they’re more hygienic as the hinged lids cannot be removed by foraging animals or high winds, so spillage is eliminated.

The benefits are not limited to the users only, however.
By loading the bins into the refuse vehicle by means of a hydraulic lifting echanism, the operators have no contact with the refuse, hence no risk of injury from broken glass or sharp tins, or infection from decaying matter.

As traditional carrying methods are eliminated, so too are the problems of back strain and muscle damage, which leads to less absenteeism and therefore a more efficient workforce.

Otto mobile bins are manufactured by injection moulding high molecular weight low pressure polyethylene. The material is stabilised against UV rays and is extremely resistant to heat, low temperatures and chemical action.

MGB 240

General Characteristics

Capacity: 240Ltr